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About NABU cooperation with business

NABU - համագործակցություն գործարարության հետ

About NABU – Cooperation with business

 NABU cooperates with 26 businesses in the fields of species, habitat, climate protection and protection of resources. Different cooperation schemes are used: sponsoring individual nature or environmental protection measures either financially or with materials, licensing partnerships for individual business initiatives or products as well as strategic cooperation for sustainable business management and product development.

 The NABU Business Initiative was set up in 2007. This is a platform for sustained commitment and for a cross-industry exchange of ideas for medium-sized companies. Since then, eight member companies have been fighting alongside NABU for a balance in economic, social and ecological aims; they initiate processes for understanding, searching and learning and they work together to establish sustainability as a central strategic factor for competition. The member companies support NABU‘s international projects to protect species, eg. in Kyrgyzstan a NABU game keeper group is being set up to protect the snow leopard and also retaining the Arabuko-Sokoke forest in Kenya, one of the last coastal forests still intact in East Africa. In September 2011 the „Unternehmensinitiative Südrußland“(Business initiative for Southern Russia), which was structured in a similar way, was founded as part of the NABU’s cooperation with businesses.

NABU - համագործակցություն գործարարության հետ




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