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NABU is being actively supported by the following partners in the execution of the project:

The Republic of Armenia Ministry of Nature Protection

The Ministry sets nature protection policies in Armenia. The Minister for Nature Protection, Aram Harutyunyan, visited NABU’s National Office for business talks in spring 2013. NABU has been associated with the highest Armenian authority for nature protection in a long and confident partnership, which was crowned with the signing of the Cooperation Agreement in 2007. The partnership is completing a large number of projects together.

The Republic of Armenia Ministry of Economy

The Ministry sets out Armenia’s economic policies. At the workshop event, NABU succeeded in directly involving the Ministry of Economy in the person of First Deputy Minister Karine Minasyan.

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Republic of Armenia with Ambassador Reiner Morell

The embassy represents the Federal Republic of Germany diplomatically in Armenia. Invited to the workshop as a guest, the German ambassador, Reiner Morell, welcomed participants. During the workshops he became a supporter of the project. On the ambassador’s own initiative, representatives are now being invited to discussions at the ambassador’s residence, which should give further support to the project.

German Business Association in Armenia (Deutsche Wirtschaftsvereinigung - DWV)

The German Business Association is the officially partner of the International Chamber of Commerce (Auslandshandelskammer - AHK) and Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer - IHK) in Georgia and having a branch in Yeriwan, is also partner in Armenia. With over 100 members, the German Business Association has enjoyed an excellent reputation with the official authorities as well as with the economy and companies. The representative of the German Business Association in Armenia, Patrick Jung, also agreed to support the project.










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