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Biodiversity check

Biodiversity checkThe Biodiversity Check for companies is a corporate environment or biodiversity management instrument. It was developed by Global Nature Fund, dokeo (a consultancy firm which focusses on corporate social responsibility, sustainability and innovation) and other organisations. The check gives initial guidance on how to identify the effects and dependency different business sectors have on ecological diversity. The check is based on the aims of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD):

  • Maintaining biodiversity
  • Sustainable use of its resources
  • Fair distribution of the benefits gained through the use of genetic resources

The check does not replace any biodiversity impact assessments. However, it gives an excellent start to companies wishing to integrate corporate environmental management and to take steps towards sustainable use of resources and protecting nature.

What will be investigated?

  1. Strategy and management
  2. Stakeholders and the public
  3. Company sites and properties
  4. Purchasing: raw materials, other materials, energy, water etc.
  5. Product development and production
  6. Logistics and transport
  7. Final products and services
  8. Sales and marketing
  9. Human resources


Internal Biodiversity Check showing:

  • Points of contact between businesses and biodiversity
  • Proposals for targets and measures which will reduce risks and negative effects
  • Proposals for targets and measures which will protect biodiversity/to offset damage
  • Themes for communication (eg. as an integral part of the sustainability report)
  • Recommendations for further action




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