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UN Decade of Biodiversity

ՄԱԿ-ի կենսաբազմազանության տասնամյակ

In December 2010, the United Nations declared the decade 2011-2020 the UN Decade of Biological Diversity. Biological diversity is decreasing significantly across the world, also in Armenia. Our actions also have an influence on this. The international community has recognised that we must act vigorously to counter the continual loss of biological diversity on the earth.

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity, (CBD) has therefore been in place since 1992. The most important targets are maintaining biological diversity, using it sustainably and to share the advantages of using it.

Every two years the so-called parties meet at an international conference to discuss the targets and measures. At the tenth Conference of the Parties in Japan in November 2010 a “Strategic Plan”with twenty targets to be achieved by 2020 was agreed. One of these targets is to ensure that peope are aware of the value and importance of biological diversity and know what they can do to help. Additionally, stopping the use of natural resources, for example water, within ecologically acceptable limits will be pursued. The rate of natural habitat loss is to be halved by 2020 and to reach almost nil. Any land, foresty and fishing economy use is to be sustainable and 17% of the land surface and 10% of the oceans are to be networked and given protected status. In addition, all coutries have to formulate a national biodiversity strategy in which these aims are represented.

ՄԱԿ-ի կենսաբազմազանության տասնամյակ

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